Following the developments and the increased needs of our customers wi cover reliably and consistently all the needs of the modern traveler offering:


  • Road trips for recreation
  • Professional group tours & business incentive tours
  • Comferences
  • Seminars
  • Transfer of staff
  • Recriational events
  • Excursions
  • Sports missions


First of all, you will decide the destination, secondly together we can plan your travel day by day/ hour per hour and last but not least we will choose the bus that covers exactly your special needs. Depending on the place and the final number of persons we can select the best for you. We can guarantee you that one of the following can be the ideal for your desires.

  • Mercedes Travego – 50 seats
  • Mercedes Tourismo – 53 seats
  • Mercedes Salero – 30 seats
  • Mercedes Sprinter – 20 seats
  • Mercedes Sprinter – 17 seats


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