O alternative tourism , discerning tourist demands of the buying public , groups and highlights the interesting tourist consumers .

Depending on individual needs , preferences and motivations of tourists , trying to mitigate the seasonality of tourism and highlight the natural and cultural wealth of each country . The distinctions between the different forms , a guide and try to capture the activities based on the most common purchasing interests in Greek and international arena .

Consequently , there are forms that are not reflected below , due to the reduced application in Greek public, but probably introduced in the near future .

Some representative examples are very
Sport tourism recreation

    At sea ( diving , water skiing , parasailing , windsurfing , kite surfing , swimming , other water sports )
    On lakes and rivers ( canoe - kayak , rafting , etc. ) .
    On the mountain , in mountainous and hilly areas ( skiing , hiking , climbing , mountain biking , paragliding , canyoning crossing - forests , wildlife tourism , horseback riding , etc. ) .

Cultural tourism

Cultural tourism encourages the visitor to understand the cultural heritage of each place making visits to archaeological sites , monuments , museums , theater , festivals , watching pilgrimages , traditional architecture , revival of traditional customs or participating in activities such as handicraft , handicraft and the study of popular culture and art . For the purpose of cultural tourism can be organized

    Study trips in order to tour and meet the traveler's cultural heritage of a place.
    Traveling art ( to monitor artistic performances , visiting art exhibitions and participation in festivals )
    Travel participatory artistic creation as integration experience (painting , dance, photography , cooking , crafts , visits to public places , etc. ) .

Marine tourism

The Marine tourism is linked to both the sea and the coastal environment and to activities associated with marine tours and activities ( eg cruises cruise ships or other professional yachts , sailing , yachting-motor boat-sailing boat , etc. . ) . Also can be connected with sports tourism .

rural Tourism

The visitor is invited to experience experiences associated with the natural environment as

    The nature tourism when the visitor seeks to gain insights into the nature
    Tourism observation when we visit areas worthy of observation for the flora or fauna.
    The ambulatory tourism developed in rural walking paths .
    The touring holidays when the tour or the tour takes in the countryside .

It can also be combined with sports tourism .

gastronomic tourism

The form of tourism that encourages participation in visitor experiences associated with the local cuisine and celebrating special culinary identity of a specific region . The main sub- steps that belong to this category are not limited to:

    Discrete integration of local cuisine in dishes offered .
    Create and / or diffusion of culinary and oinotouristikon routes.
    Visits to laboratories and production units and processing of local products ( traditional mills , farms , growing zones ,
    Tasting .
    Educational tours .
    Special Reports permanent character .
    Applications virtual tour .
    Recreational events .

Tourism Health and Wellness

This format is ideal for visitors wishing to combine their holiday with preventive services , maintain or improve their health through comprehensive programs of rejuvenation and relaxation in physical, spiritual and emotional level . The form applies even to visitors who belong to the category of disabled people and certain people with mobility problems , problems with vision or hearing , seniors etc. . Asking here is to ensure infrastructure and accessibility conditions for various categories of disabilities in alternative tourist activities .


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